Doterra September

❣️September Promo’s Europe 💧

👉Salubelle – previously Immortelle, Anti-aging blend, is free this month with any orders of 200pv or more !!

A blend of precious essential oils such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Rose and Helichrysum that are incredible for the skin, not just aging and wrinkles but scars and wounds too. I use on my sun-exposed décolletage and occasionally around the mouth at night in place of serums 👌

It retails at £86.50, wholesale £115.33 so this a great opportunity to receive either with your loyalty, standard or retail order but also for any new joining orders of 200pv or more 🥰

👉 Lime is the free Product of the month for any Loyalty Rewards order of 125pv this month on orders by the 15th and the newly released Magnolia Touch is 10% off, great for calming anxious feelings due to its high linalool content, a beautiful fragrance too.

WOW!!!!! Those of you who love Doterra will truly appreciate the value and meaning of this incredible promotion 🙏

👉LRP – Loyalty Rewards Program is the most cost-effective way of growing your collection and switching to chemical-free household and day to day products by allowing you to receive up to 30% of your order back in points to buy essentials and new products. AND ….. your shipping costs are credited back in points 🙌

👉Normally qualifying orders receive 10% back and month 4 15%, month 7 20% and so on till you reach the maximum of 30%

👉 This month jump months forward to 20% back of your order when you order 150pv or more!!!! You’ll reach 30% so much quicker even if September is your FIRST LRP order 👍

🌿Now available in Europe – Spa Serenity Bath Bar, infused with Jojoba seed oil, natural clay and of course the gorgeous soothing scent of Serenity this bar is designed to lather and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated, unlike other bars.

🌿Limited time offer of a new blend, Island Mint, a fresh scent to hold onto summer a little longer and a slim versatile diffuser clip for on the go 

Contact me soon if you need help regarding the above offer’s xx

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