A brief overview of Pilates levels: Level 1: This may include an “Introduction to Pilates course”, run occasionally at various venues or for those who are new to Pilates wanting to learn the basic principles of Alignment, Core Stability, Mobility and Breathing in order to improve their posture, reduce muscle and joint stiffness and improve overall flexibility. This class is suitable for someone with restrictive muscle or joint issues, recovering from an injury or for those that want a slower gentle level.

Level 2: At this level previous Pilates experience is preferred as the classes build on from the fundamentals of a Level 1 class to focus on increasing core strength and stability with more challenging exercises. Many people will feel huge benefits at this level as the teacher can offer modifications or progressions within any exercise to suit the varying progression of each individual.

Level 3: A faster paced class introducing more of the classical repertoire to increase stamina and strength. Clients must have the knowledge and skills learnt from previous levels in order to modify an exercise when necessary as there will be less teacher tuition at this level.

HIP Pilates: High Intensity Power Pilates was created by Lisa Bradshaw to be a more dynamic form of Pilates combining all the principles of Pilates and good joint alignment whilst enjoying added benefits such as increased cardio vascular fitness, improved balance and co-ordination and improved bone health. 

Important Note: Class intensity and level may change dependent on the group and the progression. The teacher reserves the right to alter each lesson accordingly and offer modifications and progressions for those ready to progress, All class levels have building block exercises built in so each student can learn to modify an exercise and stay at the appropriate level suitable on any given day. Missed Classes: Subject to availability and approval any missed classes can be made up at any other venue within the course term but can not be carried over to another course.