1 – 1 Pilates

Amanda will be available for one to one Pilates therapy very soon after settling in to her new home and French life and navigating the many French systems and requirements. Feel free to get in touch to discuss or for information.

Who is this suitable for?
Anyone new to Pilates and wanting to gain the basics and maybe confidence before joining a group class. Clients with physical issues such as injuries, joint issues, post surgery or anyone who just wants a programme of Pilates exercises for a home practice. Or for clients that just prefer the focus and privacy of a one to one appointment.

How many sessions will I need?
An initial session will assess your health, general posture and any issues of concern to gain enough information to tailor the sessions to your needs.

Amanda may also stipulate a one to one session to assess your suitability to a class prior to joining.

Some clients have just one or two sessions depending on their particular issues whilst others like to have a once a month get together to check their progress and to ensure they are gaining maximum benefit from the classes.

How much is it? Several variables but approximately £40 or 45 euro’s