January 2020

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News Letter Header

New Decade

Apologies for the delay in communication, however, unusually for me I haven’t felt the urge to charge ahead into the New Year with lots of energy, plans, goals in the usual way. 

As someone who’s nature is quite driven and disciplined, possibly from years of working in the corporate world, for once I’m listening to the little voice within that whispers to stay close and pay attention to how I feel and not feel the pressure of the ‘shoulds’!! 

Last year as some of you know was quite an intense year resulting in both myself and Rob feeling exhausted and reactive. Plans had not worked out the way we thought they would so there was lots of resistance and stress, quite a year. So, this year, I’m determined to go with the flow more and trust that everything happens for a reason and there are always lessons from the challenges. 

So, onto News.  

Promotions & New Products, if you are a member you hopefully receive emails from Doterra, also posted on my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/blondeholistique/?modal=admin_todo_tour.

Here is a link for January promotions.


There is a fantastic offer this month for anyone interested in making positive changes this year to their health and lifestyle, a great enrolment offer plus of course, access to lots of great education, support, and resources from both myself and the Private Facebook group, a perk of having a wholesale account. This month, 2 members within the group will be sharing lots of great education for using essential oils for Pets and for Children so keep an eye for those posts. 

Events & Hub Classes, if you are a UK member, you have access to community Hub classes and events, scheduled by some of our lovely members who love to share with others and connect with the wider oils community, a lovely social gathering of like-minded people.
Several classes ranging from Oils for Pets, Green Cleaning and how to support Teenagers to Ace the Test. If you are not on Facebook, let me know and I can send you more details.

Monthly Members Gathering

Here in France, I will be hosting an afternoon gathering for a change, Friday 24th at 2.30 pm. No particular subject in mind, an opportunity to get together over a cuppa and share what we’ve all been up to and how we feel about the New Year. I’ll share a new resource that I love and have been using over the last few weeks to really connect with myself and others on a more emotional level

We are a small but growing community here in France and I know some of you have already been sharing with friends, making gifts, etc. If anyone would like me to come over with oils to share and chat with your friends just let me know and you can choose something from my collection or an Aromatouch therapy at my house. Always a lovely social way of gathering friends together and sometimes new friendships made. 

Have a wonderful January, hope to see you soon.

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