I’ve had a lifelong passion for exercise and well-being, a necessity to manage the stress of a 70 hour plus week in a managerial corporate role. Looking back however my health was a mess and so were my relationships,not sleeping, hormones a mess and stress levels off the scale, I was on the verge of a breakdown, something had to change.
It did, a very bad car accident with months of rehabilitation, mainly Pilates based and the time and space to consider a change in direction and life.

I left my 15 years corporate career and a 14 year unhealthy relationship to focus and reconnect to myself, discovering who I was and what I wanted, something I’ve never taken time to do before.
I trained as a Pilates teacher and a few years later, Irest Yoga Nidra Meditation. With a growing passion for potent and pure natural health remedies, I have also completed dōTERRA Essential Oils specialist training.
Now, with greater awareness and curiosity, I love to do everything in a way that honours my desire to authentically connect with the right people and to support them in a step by step approach.

How I do that is by sharing relevant tools, knowledge and resources to facilitate change and growth.

I truly believe we are all interconnected and I love to discover the links within everything, especially the body and mind to unravel health issues.

I gain immense satisfaction out of encouraging and empowering people to make sustainable changes that will see greater holistic wellness and functionality in their everyday life.

More recently, we relocated from the UK in 2018 to the beautiful French Pyrenees to enjoy the mountain walks, cycling and to experience living in a different country. Of course life still has it challenges, but I believe we all have choices and in order to make positive change we must have a plan, someone to guide and support us and a strong desire to change.

I’d love to help you X