Pilates is suitable for people of all ages from those with restricted mobility to an elite athlete.

Pilates is both a mind and body conditioning method devised by Joseph Pilates, designed to bring strength, flexibility and control to the body.

It teaches you how to use your body well, building core strength from the inside out and working all of the deep postural muscles to bring the body into correct balance and alignment.

Strengthening the core muscles will provide support for your spine and improve alignment. With regular practice Pilates will improve your posture and help to alleviate joint discomfort.

Amanda has been trained with Body Control Pilates. Body Control Pilates exercises have been adapted from the exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in order to ensure they are even more accessible to everyone.

Body Control Pilates is medically approved and holistic in nature. Awareness of your own body is central to the method which teaches you to be in control of your body, handle stress more effectively and achieve relaxation more easily.

Pilates is recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists.
Pilates classes are held at various venues in the surrounding villages of Chippenham and Malmesbury, North Wiltshire. Click here for the class schedule.
I offer 1 – 1 Pilates therapy in the comfort of your own home or in another suitable location.
“Amanda feels a rare empathy with each member of the class seeming to know what each of us is feeling during each part of the practice. This allows her to seamlessly suggest add-ons for those who need a little more and modifications for those who are a little more constrained on the day.” Eddy

“Amanda is brilliant! I started with her as a complete novice and learnt so much over time. She is very effective and now I am really strong – lost several pounds of flab too!” Gwyn

“Pilates with Amanda is always an enjoyable and worthwhile time. She is a knowledgeable, gentle and reassuring teacher who will always guide you sensitively through the exercises, leaving you with a great sense of well-being. Highly recommended!” Sandy

“Amanda’s classes are great! They are pitched well and there is no rush or expectation. She will note if an individual is particularly stiff, needs to re-align, or are having an issue with an exercise and will alter exercises for those who are not able to complete them as first instructed to fit the individuals needs. It feels personalised but within supportive group environment. She focuses on relaxation at the end which helps to clear the mind after the stretching of the muscles in the preceding 45 minutes. I recommend Amanda to anyone.” Harriet

“Amanda runs a great beginners class and allows all who attend to work at their pace and capabilities. The class is a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and Amanda is always sympathetic to individuals aches and pains and tailors the class to work for all. We always have a laugh along the way.” Sally

“I’ve been attending Amanda’s Pilates classes for over six years. Her awareness of my back and neck problems have meant that her exercise regime has much improved my movement and flexibility, to the extent I suffer very little. She is very aware of all her students’ limitations, and always gives extra attention to those individuals when required.If you’re thinking of starting Pilates, I would absolutely recommend Amanda, as her classes are thoroughly professional and you’re always greeted with a warm welcome.” Ali

“Amanda’s pilates classes are always a mix of information and knowledge, fun, and a great remedy for my body. I feel good every time after an hour spent in her company and would recommend her courses to anyone who even has an interest in giving Pilates a go.” Lyn

“I have taken Pilates classes with Amanda for over a year and thoroughly enjoyed them. Amanda is an excellent teacher; always attentive to the needs of the class and providing differently levels or options to accommodate if anyone in the class has an injury or other requirement. She corrects you if your technique is not quite right but always in a positive way and encourages you to try to do a bit more than you thought you could. The classes are always interesting and fresh and Amanda incorporates different types of Pilates equipment, such as bands and rollers and balls from time to time which is excellent. Pilates is an absolute necessity for me and I can tell when I have missed a class!” Susan

“Amanda has been my Pilates teacher for the past six years. She is very knowledgable and well qualified. Her classes are great fun and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Sarah

“No more back pain!! Since partial discectomy years ago, my back has always had a weakness. Working with horses, lifting bales of hay, carrying large buckets of water can often trigger my back and sciatic pain. However, since going to Amanda’s classes, this rarely happens and has much improved my quality of life! It’s fantastic! The classes improve core and overall body strength with just small controlled movements which work muscles correctly, but effectively. Amanda is so welcoming and caters for people with different abilities, suggesting alternative ways of doing exercises if she feels some people would benefit. Cannot recommend highly enough – just give it a try!!” Sam

“I have suffered from back pain for many years, Amanda’s Pilates class has helped me to strengthen my core, improve my posture and walk at least a couple of inches taller(which is great when you are only 5 ft. 3in!). She always takes the exercise class at your pace and has different levels for all people and how you feel on the day. I always feel much better after the class and with a relaxation exercise at the end always less stressed.” Debbie

“I started doing Pilates with Amanda because of my interest in running and cycling but also from a historic back tightness problem. The results have been an all round improvement in my posture, flexibility and even my bike handling. What Amanda offers is consistency in the approach to classes, a welcoming attitude and a watchful eye to ensure your completing the exercises in the correct way. The best thing is Amanda will offer alternatives of the exercises so if your not feeling on top form or the exercise is too challenging for the level your at individually you can build towards that as a goal with the variations.” Emma