Summer News

Beach photo with sun hat & sandals promoting summer Pilates and wellbeing classes

Welcome to the first newsletter from ‘Movement- In- Mind’.
I can’t believe it’s July already and summer holidays are just around the corner. I’ve spent the first half of the year learning new skills and venturing into other aspects of health and well being as I passionately believe that health should be viewed as a complete lifestyle.Sometimes the balance in a particular area tips the wrong way and we find ourselves run down,lacking in energy or worse.
Ideally to remain in ‘balance’we should address our diet and activity levels, manage our stress and get ensure we get enough rest and seek natural alternatives to reduce our toxin load. I now make my own household cleaning materials and have replaced many of my self care products. So easy to make your own deodrant and body lotion.
Be as informed and empowered as you can be, there are so many great resources available but if you would rather we met for coffee and a chat i’d be happy to.

I’ll be posting more about this in future new’s but if getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge for you or someone you know, why not come along to a ‘Natural Sleep Solution’s class’ to learn about natural alternatives to get a good night’s rest.Take a look at the event’s page for a list of the July essential oil’s classes

During August i’m hoping to have the time to pursue further studies including Aromatherapy and the completion of a ‘Low Back Pain’ qualification whilst keeping the ‘balance’ of course. There will be a reduced schedule of Pilates classes throughout the summer get in touch soon if you would like to continue. Dates and detail’s on the Pilates page. Also if you haven’t already, you can keep up to date with classes, event’s and well being information via my face book page

Enjoy the sunshine, xx