Natural Solutions

Introduction To Essential Oils

Feel empowered and enhance your health and well being for yourself and your family.
Have natural and effective solutions free from synthetics and chemicals.

Come along to an Introduction to Essential Oils class to learn how these gifts of the Earth can support your health.

August 29th- Kington Langley – 2pm

September 13th, 18th & 26th – Kington Langley

September 17th Allington Nr Chippenham – 7pm

Essential OIls For a Safer Cleaner Home

September 1st – Nr Chippenham @ 11am

Did you know that your home’s atmosphere is more toxic than outdoors and in recent studies, 5- to 100 times more toxic!!
The ingredients found in conventional cleaning products mean that our homes may look clean but may not be healthy. They contaminate the air with a mix of carcinogens, hormone disrupters, neurotoxic solvents, mood-altering chemicals and reproductive toxins.
Scientists regard household cleaning products as one of the most important sources of indoor pollution and one of the most insidious threats to human health. 
Then, of course, there’s the cost and all the plastic! Even just switching over to a few cleaners like a General All Purpose Cleaner and Natural Furniture polish will make a huge difference to your health and your family and pets, the planet, your wallet and you’ll have much more space in your cupboards!! 

If you would like to join me for an informative and fun Saturday morning, let me know as soon as possible. You can make 2 products to take away, £12 to pay for the materials, refreshments will be available.