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“It is the mind itself which builds the body.”  Friedrich Schiller

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Please email me or give me a call.
If you have your own exercise mat, please feel free to bring it. If you don’t own a mat, don’t worry as I have plenty for everyone in the class.

Don’t wear special footwear or socks as it is preferable to be barefoot unless cold of course.

Wear comfortable clothes to allow you to move freely, but ideally not hooded tops or baggy trousers.

You may also like to bring a bottle of water.

Please turn mobiles off or onto silent mode.

You have several options and I’m more than happy to meet with you to discuss the best way forward for your individual needs.

You can purchase the oils at retail price directly from my doterra website and have them delivered to your home address.

Alternatively, the most affordable way to buy your oils is to set up a wholesale account which means you will receive a minimum discount of 25%.