Amanda has had a lifelong passion for movement and wellbeing, but became particularly interested in Pilates after experiencing a severe back and neck injury following a car accident nearly 10 years ago.

Amanda came to appreciate and understand the benefits of this holistic method, not only enhancing her own recovery and sporting performance but whole body health and balance too. This led to a change of career, qualifying as a Pilates Instructor in 2009.

Finding the remedial aspect of Pilates fascinating led Amanda to further her knowledge in the more clinical approach and complete her certification with Body Control Pilates in 2016. Body Control Pilates are internationally recognised as pioneers in developing excellent training that is safe, effective and accessible for almost anyone.

Amanda is also embarking upon further training in 2017 to become a Back4Good Practitioner. This training is exclusively related to exercise referral and low back pain which will result in being registered as “Back Care Professional” with BackCare, the charity for healthy backs.

On a personal level, the combination of Pilates, iRest Yoga Nidra and doTerra Essential Oils has revolutionised Amanda’s life, health and energy levels.

Amanda works from a holistic point of view and strongly believes in the link between mind health and body health. She gets immense satisfaction out of encouraging and empowering people to make changes that will see greater holistic wellness and functionality in their everyday life.

In her work, which is helping people to strengthen the body and develop better movement patterns, Amanda recognises that emotional wellness plays a huge part in people’s overall health and she is passionate about helping people find the balance.

Staying healthy involves not just movement but what we think and feel and, of course, good quality nutrition and a balanced diet.

Amanda devotes much of her non-teaching time to researching health and fitness and networking with other health professionals and people that inspire her. More recently, Amanda has developed a passion for the amazing benefits of essential oils which has led Amanda to study for a diploma in Aromatherapy.

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